The rise of 360 deals in the music industry

Management Deal vs Production Deal

I also understand the major label side with the decline of music sales and the need to sustain their business while using a lot of money upfront to break new artists. There is a lot of risks for both types of labels.

Understanding Record Deals For Independent Rappers – Stop The Breaks | Independent Music Grind

Unless you are bringing a lot of leverage to the negotiating table it will be hard to get a record deal without having to sell your soul in the process. What are your thoughts on the deal?

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I had heard the term used by many rappers but was not aware of what it meant. The article was nice and balanced.

A merger between Live Nation and Ticketmaster would alter the industry.

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Thinking Outside the Record: 360-Degree Deals in the Music Industry

While labels insist there will always be a requirement for this, user-generated websites have done a lot of the promotional work. MySpace is credited for launching the careers of a number of artists who would not have had access to recording labels. Adele Adkins was spotted from songs she had posted on her MySpace page and was subsequently invited to perform on television with Jools Holland. The website also gave the year-old Londoner Kate Nash a headstart following a MySpace recommendation by fellow female singer Lily Allen.

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The Changing Nature of the Industry While Lopes states that the music industry faces cycles of diversity and homogeneity, he adds that innovation in popular music depends on the system of development and production used by record companies. Indie artists have openly shown their support for an alternative economic model resistant to major label dependency. Motown managed the music, touring, and just about everything else for its artists. Maya Bacache-Beauvallet. Other times the effect has been more short-lived, but nonetheless lucrative. In the post-golden era, hip-hop saw its music being concentrated in the hands of the few, mostly elite white men, that held positions of power in the entertainment industry Chang ; George ; Myer and Kleck

Her debut album, Made of Bricks , soon topped the UK sales chart. Dramatic changes are taking place in the industry and labels need to be creative. Many will be forced to focus on monetising their back catalogues, be it through computer games or toothbrushes, as the appeal of deals continues to cause big acts to stray. Terms and Conditions.

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Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Wednesday 30 October Changes rock the music world as '' deals rise A merger between Live Nation and Ticketmaster would alter the industry.

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In the last few years the so-called ' deal', in which record labels receive a portion of promoter, and some have argued that the emergence of the deal reflects a shift in the balance of power within the music industry. deals, Live Nation, multi-rights deals, popular music, recording industry. The recording The article begins by discussing the emergence of this new type.

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