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There many to choose from! Perfect for your altar, Ritual, decor and more! Available at our new shoppe now!! Discover a variety of unique ritual tools, spell supplies to help aid you along your spiritual journey! This festival historically is about abundance and the first harvest of crops, but in modern times we take this time to look spiritually at the return on the work put in at the beginning of the year and the harvest we hope to gain from it.

While we may not all be farmers or work literal fields, we all have our own work and sowing our intentions and patiently waiting for growth and a return on our efforts regardless of the time of year. So on the first day of August, we take the time to acknowledge our actions and choices and celebrate those that have brought us prosperity or security as well as examine those actions and choices that have not.

The other name for this sabbat, Lughnasadh pronounced LOO-NA-SAH , has a more specific purpose, as it is believed that the first festival was held by the god Lugh as a funeral feast for his deceased mother Tailtiu and an athletic competition. This time also became a time of sacrifice as well, as it was important to offer the first crop cuttings to the gods in gratitude for the harvest itself. While the harvest fields are an important location in celebration of this sabbat, there is also where the harvest ends up: the home and hearth.

The Crucifixion of Pablo Picasso: the crisis that inspired his 'year of wonders'

We wanted to provide a collection of things and information on how we can better walk our paths when it comes to our homes and hearth, and we hope that you will enjoy what we have put together. This year, as the harvest begins, make sure you remember what all that planting and harvesting is for: to make your own little piece of the world the most prosperous and happiest it can be, to make your residence the very example of hearth, home, and soul.

The wheel of the year has turned once again A s we approach the longest day of our calendar year in the Northern Hemisphere, our hearts and minds turn to the light and energy of the season and the opportunity for growth and increase. Could a successful harvest of all of our work be around the corner?

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Are the seeds we planted in our lives going to bear out to a bountiful return? If the bright long days are an indicator of success, then we are on the right path!! We have worked hard to curate a collection of items that will help inspire one to work with that vibrant solar energy of the solstice. The items inside will also aid in assisting one to focus on drawing in the light of the divine and embracing it within our practices and within our lives.

By embracing this light we pave a way to help balance the unbalanced and move forward from the stagnant, and give birth to desires we have deep within.

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This beautiful double-sided companion card has been designed to provide various information about the solstice and some of the practices and beliefs around the brightest of Sabbats. We have included Midsummer historical and religious lore, and a short illustrative text on the place the Greenman and the Oak King holds for this holiday, which we hope will find a permanent home in your Book of Shadows or grimoire.

Greenman Summer Plaque Set. Many practitioners believe that this particular crystal aligns with the solar plexus chakra, which deals with positive change or growth as well as working to encourage balance in our energy and will. You could use this in rituals and spell work that look to incorporate raising energy and vitality, or as part of a crystal grid or altar display to honor the positive and masculine aspect in your day-to-day workings and practice.

Included is a corresponding informational card with details about the crystal as well as a and a silken bag to keep it safe when not in use. Golden Quartz Tower Set. Brew some of this tea hot for your Midsummer ritual, or pour some over ice for a refreshing drink on a hot summer day! Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to honor the sun and its many gifts to us: sustenance, light, energy, and vitality. Solar Shine Tea. This solar charged fragrance is a stunning blend of floral jasmine, citrusy mandarin, and copaiba balsam; a honey like fragrance with warm notes of vanilla and soft woods.

Each note is selected to hold and enhance the energy of success, manifesting your dreams, inspiration, and all around happiness. Use this clean, sweet-smelling oil for your Midsummer rituals and spellwork to draw forth solar power to your works, or you could even use it to anoint your ritual tools, your fellow ritual participants, or even yourself! You may also use it also to honor the divine masculine, the power of summer, growth, and light. Radiance Midsummer Ritual Oil. These bright yellow candles have been exclusively created for this Sabbat Box by Lailoken's Awen.

How will you use your Midsummer candle in your ritual work or spell craft?

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After years of comparative anonymity, poring over dusty manuscripts as a lecturer in medieval literature at Leicester University, or having the odd - very odd - laugh in the Anglo-Saxon chatroom, Wat, Anne-Marie D'Arcy has recently found herself much in demand as an expert on grail legends. Spiez and H. Access Statistics for this working paper series. The crafts and entertainment combine with thematic games and foods to create a glimpse of marketplace celebrations of life in the 16th century. Danforth and Brian F. Single candles were lit and left in a window to help guide the spirits of ancestors and loved ones home.

Midsummer Spell Candle. Ritual support for health, healing, prosperity, success, achievement, influence and power. Sun God Stick Incense. This plant is sacred to the divine feminine and is often seen as an herb of protection and warding off of evil and drawing in prosperity. This herb was included inside to represent the divine feminine and the essence of life in which she breaths into the divine masculine the oak king and ivy king.

Use as an offering to the divine feminine during Midsummer.

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Calendula: Corresponds to the element of fire, and is commonly represented by the sun. This plant is often used in combination with workings of protection, solar rites, prophetic dreams and psychic power.

Cosmophilia's mission is to remind us of our hearts connection with the heavens through their line of affordable celestially-imbued products. JP began his journey with astrology and herbalism in the mid-'90s, later wedding the two disciplines and working with clients in In , he founded the largest astrology school in the U. PSA sees hundreds of students a year from all around the country, despite PSA not being an online school.

Portland School of Astrology 1st-Year Program Astro-Empowerment Program Open Enrollment Join our long-running, thoughtfully constructed program for core training hours and optional extra curricular hours. Our program combines both embodiment methods of learning with discussion and lecture to speak to a multitude of learning styles.

Whether your goal is self-discovery or getting the tools to develop a practice, our small class size, incredibly knowledgeable teachers and bountiful resources are ready to assist you.


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Join the largest astrology school and community in the U. Learn more about our program from our website. We hope to see you! Marie has been a practitioner of the craft for over 40 years, specializing in Hermetic and Druidic traditions. Marie is a high priestess, a Druid, an author, teacher, and an actress.

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Pascal Raymond, a co owner at Charme et Sortilege, is also a practitioner of the craft, with an Eclectic background in various traditions. Pascal currently serves as the director of operations and helps to keep Charme et Sortilege running smoothly. The vision for Spirit Element is to provide the knowledge, tools, and encouragement to discover the presence of spirit within yourself and your environment. The element of spirit is present within all things. It is all born from something that comes from the natural world. Spirit Element helps you learn to sense and understand your unique energy and the energy surrounding you.

Think of it as Feng-shui for your entire life. You all know how much I love tarot. This practice has gotten me through a lot of dark times as well as bright moments in my life. Though scent was my first love and I often say, aromatherapy saved my life. Tarot is what helped me to rise and expand. Now, my two loves have come together in a collection of beautifully crafted fragrances. Don't worry; I'll be working through the entire Major Arcana. Nine years ago he began his education in aromatherapy and herbalism, and has studied extensively over the years not only their therapeutic properties, but also their energetic properties.

Since these two witches found each other through the WiccanChat weekly discussions on twitter, you should check them both out there! Andi Grace from Witch Cabinet is back on the show this week to talk about Hawthorn Heart, her popular online course in magical boundaries. We also talk about being an online entrepreneur, dealing with drastic life changes, asserting difficult boundaries and puppies! There's still time for you to sign up for Hawthorn Heart! Today I'm talking about how out-dated and racially insensitive some of the common language of witchcraft and paganism can be - especially when witches who are white talk about the magickal traditions of witches who are black.

This is a special new kind of episode on the show called a WitchNBitch episode - that means I scoured the internet not really for the wonderful opinions of smart witches who might be better equipped to talk about how some racist terms and language makes them feel.


Episode 21 - Interview with Andi Grace. Today I'm interviewing Andi Grace, regular contributor at Little Red Tarot and curator of We Believe You: Femmes Surviving Toxic Masculinity, a multi-media zine featuring stories, essays and works of art from femmes and women living in a patriarchal society. We also talk a little about magical boundaries, and being willing to take care of yourself and your own healing.

Find out more about Andi and get your own copy of We Believe You at her website witchcabinet. If you like The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast, want to support it, and want to connect with other like-minded witches, consider joining my new group - the Witch n' Bitch - where I'll be doing regular live video broadcasts, rituals, and discussions, running a regular book club, incense subscription, and a scetchy herbs and magic rocks program for those looking to learn more about natural magick.

Visit my Patreon page for more details and to sign up!

Sign up by May 16th for your june membership. Episode 20 - Interview with Lilith Dorsey. Thanks for tuning in to The Fat Feminist Witch Pdcast, the show that examines witchcraft and spirituality from a modern, activist lens. Today I'm talking with Lilith Dorsey, voodoo priestess and magickal consultant, about her new book Love Magic, which was published by Weiser Books last year.

Lilith and I discuss common issues with love magic as well as some of the great things about it, a few of the requests she's had for love magic from clients, the music of love and magick, and how white practitioners and witches can approach african diaspora spiritualities with a little more reverence and respect. This book received a 5 crystal ball rating out of 5 for it's fun and totally non-judgemental tone, and the sheer volume of useful information.

Even I, a celeibate person, found tons of spells and recipes and potions that could help me out. You can leave reviews on my Facebook Page or through iTunes - this will help the show reach more people! Episode 19 - Interview with Natalie Zaman. We talk about her book and how she chose some of the sites, her first experiences with magical destinations in her home state of New Jersey, being a responsible magical traveler, graveyard souvenirs, magical colouring books and not one, but TWO old episodes of the Simpsons.

Even though I know you're a superfan and you already listened to my review of the book right here on the show ahem , you should still head to the blog and read the Book Review of Shadows, so you can see why it earned it's 5 Crystal Ball rating. They're both excellent. Of course you should visit the author themself, Natalie Zaman, at nataliezaman. Thanks for tuning in to the first stand-alone Book Review of Shadows episode of I announced the new format in my previous episode, so if you're confused about this This book is the perfect combination of Travel Guide and Grimoire, and for this reason it recieved 5 crystal balls out of 5!

To find out why you can read my full review on my blog here or just listen to the episode, jeeze. The next full-length episode of The Fat Feminist Witch will be released around imbolc, so until then be sure to find me on social media or check the blog for new episodes! Episode Goodbye, ! Hello, Understanding!