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The platform is covered withsticky tiles and we put a small rug down so wouldn't slide. It is edged with corner round and small screws hold the NIC panels tothe floor so we can lift the whole thing if we want! It worksgreat for us, so much so that we are going to do the same to the otherNIC cage in the Bunny Room.

Runestonez , Mar 11, Mar 11, 9. How do you anchor the platforms on the higher levels? Are those plywood covered with carpet? Mar 11, KW Cages make well-built quality wire cages. Their cages are typically used by breeders, so they aren't as big asmany house bunny people prefer.


NIC cages are nice, but it sounds likeit wouldn't work in your situation, as they aren't easy to transport. If you got the largest wire cage you could manage and put it oncasters, as long as your bunnies get plenty of out of cage time, I amsure they would be very happy. If you are worried about the wire bottomon their feet, you can get grass mats, ceramic tile, or cage rests also sold by KW, I think to give them a place to get off the wire.

Gussy- the levels are made of NIC as well, andthen covered in carpet. TheheaviestSocks is going to be is about 3. We have an identical cage for our other baby This is a pic of the other one we built for Dandi. We ziptied it too for extra support but we can totally disassemble it intoabout 5 pieces and move it in minutes if we have too. Thisone doesn't have the platform on the bottom and I have found it is alot harder to moveit to clean Where do you buy carpet that size?

Oh God, I wishthey came thatsize! I usually go to Home Depot or Rona here Easiest thing to do is goto a remnant store and find bits and pieces close to the size youwant. We just cut them down, trim them and stick themin. If they need to be washed we either steam clean them orif the little buggers have done a real number on them we hose them downin the basement work sink and dry them in the dryer for a bit.

If you need to make a bigger one like the square one on the top shelfof Dandi's cage, we used a bit of carpet tape underneath to hold thetwo together. Just make sure if you're going to use carpetyour bunn isn't a chewer! Once the carpetis chewedthere is nothing keeping them from getting their foot caught! Luckily none of ours are big chewers so we are usuallyOK!

It is important to make sure if you are going to build the shelves likewe did that you ziptie them at all the joints so they support theweight! We set up our cages so that the weight is distributedthroughout the cage between the shelves!

Our old cage was made entirely of wood. We usedthose peel and stick tiles and they worked great. We layed down somecarpet so he couldn't slide. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Will females fight?

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Imbrium , Oct 23, at PM. Replies: 31 Views: Replies: 3 Views: Rsjm Oct 28, at AM. Should I put rabbits in a shed through winter? Jodie , Oct 28, at AM. Replies: 0 Views: Jodie Oct 28, at AM. Place your orders now to receive free shipping to the show!

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You can order online at www. Free shipping on all orders picked up at show.

Below is my new 12 hole apartment cage and a picture of our series stacking cage in a 6 hole model. Order now to receive free shipping on any of our products. Contact Jane Salmons if you have questions.

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Watch product videos, helpful tips and advice, promos and other John Deere content. Discover the best male chastity cages and learn why some men are using them. There is no limit! We have you covered with our market leading Big Rig product line of electronics and hard parts. Texas Custom Cages recently acquired Bryant's small animal equipment in channelview, tx.

You can place your orders at www. The discount will be Coupon code must be used. Available on first come, first served basis.

kw cages coupons

Sorry, no back orders or rain checks. Not available for custom-made products or close out merchandise. One coupon per order.

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Phone orders may be placed at Coupon code must be used at time of order only. Factory outlet purchases myust present a printout or code at time of purchase only. Purchases must be made between November 26, and December 7, Cannot be used on prior orders. Thus is the last show before Christmas.

Look forward to seeing you at Dover! Here is an example of some of our custom cages. These are designed with no wire in the floor. These are great for larger breeds that cannot be on wire.

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The pan slides in and becomes the floor. Thank you Mychelle Ritchel for sharing.

The ultimate rabbit hobbyist setup.

KW cages will be in Stockton, CA on September 14th for the Big Valley RA Show. All pre-orders placed by September 8th receive FREE shipping to the show. more of Oxbow Hay. Use coupon code: OXBOW5 Expires 12/31/ Help us get out the word. Like and share. KW Cages ยท December 21, ยท. What the.

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