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Enroll Now. CardGuard CardGuard is available in Online Banking 1 and with our iPhone and Android smartphone mobile apps Guard against unauthorized FNB Debit Card usage by turning your card off in the event of a misplaced card Control your spending by setting dollar limits on debit card transactions Customize specific geographic locations for allowable transactions Enable or disable spending for certain merchant categories such as retails stores, entertainment venues, and gas stations Receive real-time alerts on authorized or declined transactions Learn More.

Mobile Deposit With the FNB Mobile Banking app and a supported device, you can deposit your check quickly and easily by using our app to take a picture of the front and back of your check. Touch ID is available with the FNB Mobile Banking app for iPhone users who have an Apple iPhone 5s or higher Face ID is available with the FNB Mobile Banking app for iPhone users who have an Apple iPhone X or higher Both Touch ID and Face ID are optional features which you can enable or disable at any time Now you can easily check your balance, protect your debit cards with CardGuard, pay bills, and transfer funds with just a glance, or the touch of a finger Touch ID and Face ID are some of the most secure authentication methods to use because no two fingerprints, or faces, are exactly alike Your iPhone never shares your actual fingerprint or facial image with the Mobile Banking app so we do not have record of your actual personal information Learn More.

Log in with Biometric Security. Apple iPhone. Apple iPad. Android Phone. Android Tablets. Text Mobile Site Touch. Mobile Site Basic. SIMple Management. Get rewarded. Read more. Adjust your voice, data and SMS bundles from month to month as your needs change.

Download Product Pricing and Rewards Guide. Download FAQs. Auto Top Up automatically tops you up with airtime and data when you are running low - to a chosen amount and you can set a monthly limit. View your balances and real time transaction history at any time, at no extra cost, just like you do with your bank statements. Manage your whole family's SIMs in one place from balances to detailed call logs.

Step 1 SMS will be received from courier within 24 hours of placing your order.

Understanding your Postpaid invoice

Step 2 Confirm your delivery address using the link on your delivery confirmation SMS. Note: Please answer your phone to confirm your delivery address, 3 failed attempts to contact you will result in your order being cancelled. If you requested to port during the sales process your port request will be processed after your SIM has been activated. The porting process may take between 24 to 48 hours.

FNB Rewards Credit Card Add Automatic Payment

Please note: You may receive a SMS from your current cellular service provider to confirm your porting. Please reply to the SMS to ensure that your porting is successful.

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Get it now! You will be billed R You will only qualify for the rebates if you spend a minimum of R on your Connect SIM this excludes the monthly ConeXis debit order and any purchases using eBucks as the payment method. The rebate will be paid monthly in arrears before the 8th of every month.

One rebate per customer. Where and how do I take up a Connect product? Via FNB. All you have to do is ensure that the number that you wish to port is on Prepaid.

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An FNB approved courier will contact you to confirm your delivery address. Alternatively you can follow the instructions on the delivery SMS to login on to the link provided in the delivery SMS and enter your delivery address. Please ensure that you are available to receive delivery on the date confirmed with the courier. Please note after 3 unsuccessful attempts to deliver your SIM; the order will be cancelled and the SIM will not be delivered. If you have taken up a SIM at branch your SIM will be given to you at the branch once you have completed the sales process.

How do I buy Artime or Data? How do I convert Voice bundles. What is an Auto Top Up? You can set up an Auto Top Up, which will automatically recharge your airtime or data, when your balance reaches R5 or 10MB of data. You can view your call log online using Connect transaction history.

Manage your cellular spend just like your banking.

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Your first payment will include any once-off fees and charges over and above the package subscription amount. When you take up an FNB Connect Top Up package in the middle of the month, you will only be billed for the package subscription amount and any applicable once-off fees on your selected payment date. You will not forfeit your subscription and once-off bundles if you migrate to another Top Up package.

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You will not forfeit your once-off bundles should you migrate from a Top Up package to a Postpaid package. However, you will forfeit your Top Up package subscription bundles since you are changing to a different rate plan. Understanding your Postpaid payments. Please note the following for the first payment for Postpaid packages:. We recommend that you do not use Full Roaming when travelling as rates are extremely high.

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Latest deals for you . Apple: iPad 6 Wifi Only 32GB . Apple: iPad 6th Gen (Wi- Fi & Cellular) GB + MB DATA p.m X 24 months. All devices; Tablets; Phones; Laptops; TVs; Consoles; HOT Deals; Health and Fitness; Bundles. 02 October Re: Huawei device status in SA (FNB Channel).

What are the alternatives when travelling abroad? What are the key factors to take into consideration when activating International Roaming? What should I do if I am experiencing Network Coverage issues? You must also switch data roaming on, on your device.


We used to be about digital innovation but now we are about platform disruption. By Nafisa Akabor Apr 18 May 11 1. No bill shock View your bill in real-time. Africa, the mobile-centric society Previous article. How to get a SIM online. You might have blocked your Online Banking Profile. Please note that on your third failed attempt , your profile will be blocked.

If you need further assistance please contact our Customer Service centre. What is porting? Porting is keeping your existing number and moving it to a Connect SIM. How do I port my number over to Connect?

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To port during the take up process, please complete the highlighted section during the sales process. Please note that you may also receive a SMS from your current cellular network to confirm your port. Please respond to this SMS to ensure that your port is successful. Porting at branch can be done during the sales process. Port to an existing Connect SIM. If you didn't port during the sales process you can still port your number after experiencing the Connect SIM.